Love Igloo

We are a creative studio
based in Caernarfon,
North Wales and Bristol.
We work on varied projects
for both small owner managed
companies and large
multi-national businesses.
You can see our work
anywhere from Palace Street,
to downtown Tokyo.

* Branding & Identity
* Graphic Design
* Illustration
* Product Design
* Packaging Design
* Website Design & Build
* Copywriting
* Photography

You can have a look at some
of our work on our
facebook page.
If you are interested in
knowing a bit more about
what we do, and seeing
more of our work, then please
give us a call...

We also design and produce
our own range of products
which can be bought in
various retailers or
directly from our shop.
Work hard & be nice to people!
An original by Love Igloo